Thomas Morrow, M.D. Features CodeBaby in Patient Education AJMC Article

June 11, 2015 Audrey Dalton

Dr. Thomas Morrow, M.D.Dr. Thomas Morrow, MD, a Chief Medical Officer who is passionate about improving clinical outcomes for people with chronic diseases and is a major healthcare media contributor, writes in a two-part series for the American Journal for Managed Care (AJMC) about companies, including CodeBaby, that "dedicate a significant portion of their resources" to provide technology that improves patient education, adherence, and behavior. To read the first part in full, please click here.

10 Facts about CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants eBook

CodeBaby made the grade as one of his first featured companies that endeavors to create engaging and impactful experiences that produce better health outcomes for patients and providers alike. We appreciate Dr. Morrow's expansive explanation of our core expertise that extends to all of our offerings, which you can read in our 10 Facts about CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants Guide here.


Moving beyond our core technological expertise, we help patients and providers in these specific ways:

CodeBaby VHA DashboardeHealth Self-Service

  • Answering FAQs about your practice or hospital
  • Providing audio and visual disease, symptom, and treatment education
  • Appointment scheduling and registration
  • Explaining procedures and tests before and after treatment
  • Assisting patients with filling out forms

Patient Education

In recent studies, health literacy has been shown to improve with spoken explanations and visual animations working in unison.

CodeBaby solutions effectively combine audio and interactive elements in your patient portal to act as a virtual coach within a simulated clinical setting. This includes video and education segments to address their specific diseases and recommended care and as a guide who walks your patients though their health risk assessments.

Demographic Appeal

CodeBaby Demographically Diverse Characters

With over 500 character combinations to choose from, CodeBaby IVAs are as culturally diverse as your provider or patient base. You select from an almost an unlimited combination of clothing, texture, hair, varying ages, body frames, and cultural and nationality identities.

And with CodeBaby’s proprietary phonetic lip-sync technology, you get seamless, multilingual programming. To date, our characters haven’t come across any language they couldn’t tackle.

To learn more about our healthcare solutions, please visit the following pages:

Patient Engagement

For Payers

For Pharma

For Providers 

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