Norrie Daroga, Founder and CEO of iDAvatars Presents in Johannesburg at IBM BusinessConnect 2016

August 30, 2016 Natasha Mansur-Ruf

In an incredibly well-received presentation, Norrie Daroga, Founder and CEO of iDAvatars, demonstrated the evolution of digital transformation to digital reinvention by discussing the role that artificial intelligence technology plays in helping people understand and cope with medical conditions, whether it be mental health or chronic disease.

During the event, Norrie introduced the audience to Sophie, the first empathetic, intelligent and conversational avatar used in healthcare applications.  Sophie demonstrated how she guides Norrie to use his patient diary to keep track of key indicators of symptoms associated to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Gathering pertinent data is one of many ways that Sophie detects the need to escalate or monitor the user for a variety of conditions.

In addition to using data to build a comprehensive picture of the user’s medical condition, Sophie also forms a connection with her patients using an intuitive user interface.  She forms empathetic connections with patients by listening to them, talking to them, learning about them, sensing their feelings and mood, and then collecting, analyzing and transmitting that learning back to the clinician. 

IBM BusinessConnect also took place while the finishing touches were being put to the second IBM Research center in Africa and Norrie was honored to be able to tour the laboratory and meet those involved.  The center officially opened on August 25th and a short video describing its mission can be viewed here 

To learn more about iDAvatars visit: or follow @iDAvatarsIDA

About iDAvatars:

iDAvatars is committed to creating the next generation of mobile health technology that thrives on building a relationship with the user.  Not only do their digital avatars have an IQ to help connect people and share information, they also possess EQ; emotional intelligence that enables response to the human condition, interacting with empathy and humanity.

iDAvatars is headquartered in Milwaukee (WI), with teams in Colorado Springs (CO), Edmonton (Canada), Lisbon (Portugal), and Bristol (England).

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