CodeBaby and iDAvatars Merger and the Integrated Healthcare Experience Discussed in eHealth Radio Interview

August 21, 2016 Natasha Mansur-Ruf

Dennis McGuire, Chief Strategy Officer at iDAvatars again joins eHealth Radio and the Health Care and Technology Channels.

Dennis discusses the recent merger of CodeBaby and iDAvatars and the resulting combined expertise addressing business problems by delivering patient and consumer engagement solutions across the healthcare and self service continuum.  

He also provides insight into the key market market trends that are impacting healthcare and consumers currently, with tips on how to meaningfully engage patients and healthcare consumers at the same time as addressing business challenges.

Click here to listen to this interview with host Eric Michaels and guest Dennis McGuire as they discuss the following:

  • The merger of CodeBaby and iDAvatars and their combined strategic approach to the healthcare and self-service markets.
  • The key market trends impacting healthcare right now.
  • Recommendations for payers and exchanges to ensure they best serve the consumer.
  • Some of the areas in which iDAvatars is seeing the most engagement from consumers in healthcare and what techniques are successfully addressing these areas.
  • The obvious areas that patient/consumer engagement and self service can make a difference

Dennis McGuire brings over 20 years of experience developing innovative solutions for marketing, sales, and customer care organizations across multiple industries.

In addition to his accomplishments in the agency and hi-tech space, Dennis has experience within the CRM and customer contact center industries. His combined career tracks give him a unique perspective on the customer experience management marketplace and the importance of improving the online self-service experience across all industries.


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