5 Resources to Help You Celebrate Customer Experience Day

October 6, 2014 Marijah Adams-Cleek

Today is the second annual National Customer Experience Day! In celebration, customer experience (CX) professionals participate in global meet ups, online events, company celebrations, and #iheartcustomers and #cxday tweets galore. You can learn more here.

CX is a subject very near and dear to the heart of all CodeBaby employees; it’s the life-blood of our business. As such, I’d like to share five quality pieces of CX material and content with you. 

1. A Little Customer Empathy Goes a Long Way:  Around the ages of 5-7, our brains begin to feel empathy towards others. From this point on, we expect to be met with empathy, including products and brands. This blogpost explores three ways to enhance the customer experience with a personal touch. The Definition of Empathy


2. The Post Card Guide to Customer Engagement Facts, Stats, and Quotes: Check out this eBook to get an interactive and visual cross-section of interesting customer service facts while taking a fun tour of the CodeBaby Content Hub.


3. The Patient Experience Infographic:  This infographic chronicles the average experience of Americans from making an appointment to follow-up treatment. Some of these statistics will surprise you!


4. 3 Reasons to Invest in Customer Education Before They Buy:  86% of customers will pay more for a better customer experience, but only 1% of customers feel that vendors consistently meet their expectations. Check out this blog post to learn three darn good reasons that education customers improves their experience and pays off.


5. Bank Teller [Customer Service] Training:  Check out one our favorite eLearning simulations where students learn how to treat the customer with service respect and go the extra mile.

To see more CX content, visit our Hub stream here

Enjoy celebrating CX Day 2014, and make sure your customers do, too. Remember, there’s no such thing as too many good customer experiences! 

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Marijah Adams-Cleek

Marijah is the resident Blogger and Script Specialist. In high school, she was given the nickname “The Champ” in reference to her ability to “get it done,” no matter what it is. In college, a very persuasive English professor helped her realize that she had a knack for writing which led to a four-year stint as a college English tutor. She now spends her days blogging, collaborating, and breaking into random dance and song.

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