ad:tech Video Blog: Dennis McGuire, CEO speaks with Loyalty360

July 17, 2014

In this video blog series, Mark Johnson speaks with attendees of ad:tech held in San Francisco, April 12-14, 2012. In this video, Mark discusses with Dennis McGuire, CEO of Codebaby, the following questions:

  1. Loyalty 360 believes that loyalty is the most important facet to consider in any marketing strategy, yet how can one create loyalty when so many technologies are focused on mass acquisition of customers that may or not be aligned effectively with the product offering?
  2. Experience drives engagement and engagement drives loyalty, yet at every part of the communication channel, people should feel engaged. What are the challenges you see in today’s environment with multi-channel communication programs for today’s marketers and how do they effectively address this opportunity?
  3. Give us a high level overview of your product and how it helps drive more effective engagement and therefore better marketing outcomes.
  4. The “cauldron” call for today’s marketing strategist is engagement. Define engagement for your brand and how your product can drive audience engagement.
  5. Loyalty 360 believes in the process of expectation matching, the belief that a consumer’s expectation is based on their lifecycle and where they are and how they engage with you; brands struggle with this dynamic and this idea yet want to put it into practice; What is your advice to marketers?
  6. Six qualities that define engagement – value, efficiency, trust, consistency, relevance and control – Which term do you think the market finds the easiest to implement and what term is the most difficult to implement?

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