CodeBaby Studio Makes Top 20 Authoring Tools

February 12, 2013

“ continuously monitors the training marketplace looking for the best providers of authoring tools. This second annual list is designed to help buy-side organizations in their searches for the right training partners.”

As the cornerstone for hundreds of learning and development strategies, CodeBaby Studio contributes to organizational training and performance success.  By using Studio, learning professionals are able to create an unmatchable, immersive eLearning experience for the classroom, desktop or mobile device.

In one study, The Benefits of Interactive Online Characters (2004), Byron Reeves concluded that simulating a social exchange and enhancing the environment with an interactive character leads to an increase in memory and trust of information. Additionally, he found that the degree of character interactivity leads to heightened realism improving the value of learning and interaction.

CodeBaby Studio allows organizations to implement animated characters that lend themselves to simulated environments with human-like gestures that motivate your audience while encouraging learner engagement.

Don’t think this is possible? Check out the following examples on how companies have utilized CodeBaby Studio for training and eLearning purposes.  These demos illustrate why Studio has been selected as a Top 20 tool by

The BigPond Vibe: Instructors reported the training program pass rate was 98%! World Class Auditing: The team successfully implemented 18 modules in 12 languages.

Top Features of Studio:

  • 30 standard characters
  • 2 enhanced characters that allow you to customize hair, eye & clothing color
  • Over 300 gestures
  • Automatic lip-sync and auto-animate
  • Multiple character interactions
  • Closed-captioning
  • Swap characters
  • Movie-like camera angles and lighting

CodeBaby Studio provides learners with digital learning characters social intelligence and emotional impact. Combine with intuitive and unique ways to progress through the course, and you’ve created experiential learning that will be memorable and effective. These are a few reasons why we think CodeBaby Studio made the Top 20 Authoring Tool Companies of 2013.

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