CodeBaby CEO Discusses Digital Healthcare Engagement on eHealth Radio

March 3, 2014 Dennis McGuire

eHealth Radio Network host, Eric Michaels, recently talked with CodeBaby CEO, Dennis McGuire, on the Healthcare and Technology channels.

Digital healthcare engagement and support tools are helping to educate individuals on the healthcare industry, particularly first-time buyers of health insurance so they feel comfortable making these impactful decisions for themselves and their families. As a global customer engagement company, CodeBaby creates decision support tools and interactive 3D intelligent virtual assistants to deliver educational and innovative solutions for healthcare insurance and employee benefits companies.

Listen to the interview with host Eric Michaels & guest Dennis McGuire, discussing the following:

  • Did the federal healthcare enrollment issues impact private or state exchange enrollment? Why or why not?
  • You mentioned research that you undertake to improve the effectiveness of the intelligent virtual assistants and the user experience. Can you expand on that, and have you conducted recent studies demonstrating acceptance?
  • Speaking of unique needs and the concept of personalization, how do you approach that for the individual users?
  • You mentioned integration from any data source; can you give some examples of that and how this helps individual users?
  • You briefly mentioned the use of a static 2D avatar on a smartphone vs. using a 3D interactive avatar on a tablet or other device. Please expand on that, and apart from the avatar, what other differences are necessary for customer interaction on a tablet?

Listen to the full podcast here

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