CSHP and CodeBaby Talk Avatars with InformationWeek Healthcare

June 2, 2014 Marijah Adams Cleek

CSHP's avatar, Jill, will help patients explore the patient portal. InformationWeek’s Allison Diana interviewed Colorado Springs Health Partners’ (CSHP) Director of Marketing, Lynne Jones, and Marketing Manager, Beth O’Brien, as well as CodeBaby’s VP of Marketing, Kathy Wells, about the future of avatars in the healthcare space.

Diana’s article, “Healthcare’s New Friend: Avatars” covered Grand View Research‘s prediction intelligent virtual assistants (IVAs) are “expected to increase in North America at a compound annual growth rate of 33% between 2013 and 2020.” With the twin goals of reducing costs and improving patient engagement, organizations like CSHP are looking to healthcare avatars for answers.

Meaningful Use 2 requirements are the very reason CSHP turned to CodeBaby, according to Beth O’Brien. “We wanted a way to help us mete out metrics we need to get grant money for Meaningful Use… It’s hard to get patients to engage sometimes, especially when there’s something new that rolls out, and we need them to go to certain areas of the portal.”

The article also covers the importance of using virtual humans instead of real people, citing that humans are more comfortable and feel less judged sharing personal information with an avatar.

Read the full article here.

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