Conversions, Not Just Eyeballs

July 17, 2014
Last week I was talking to a prospect (who I am happy to say is now a CodeBaby customer) about the art and science of website conversions. Their company is a niche B2C eCommerce website that has almost 50,000 unique visitors each month. They have a conversion rate (signup for a daily tip newsletter) of 0.5%, and 10% of those conversions turn into revenue (automated personal program and/or in-person coaching program). Doing the simple math, they close about 25 deals per month from their website. To them it is not a terrible number, but they believe they should be generating more. Their target is to double their conversions each month, expecting that the 10% closed/conversions rate is a realistic number that cannot be significantly improved upon. I will leave that topic for a future blog post.

Their options are to either:

A) Double the amount of traffic they get each month. 

Double the amount of traffic they get each month.


B) Improve their conversion rate.

They, like many other companies, spend thousands of dollars each month on SEO and PPC to get eyeballs to their site. To get the targeted 500 conversions per month at the same close rate, they would obviously need to double their number of unique 

visits each month. Let’s assume they were spending $4,000 per month on SEO/PPC.  To double their leads, they would need to increase spending to $8,000. Even at that, due to the nature of SEO, it would not see immediate results. Or they could work on improving their conversion rate.

Improve your conversion rate.

They, like many other organizations, don’t spend enough time on this piece.

Our recommendation to them was to look at spending a fraction of that on improving their conversion rate.  Considering they are starting at a 0.5% conversion rate, there is significant room for improvement.  They could start by running a split test on the cal

ls to action, as well as the sign-up forms.  Additionally, the challenge could be that the visitor is unable to understand the value proposition of a newsletter sign-up.  These areas are where the use of a tool such as ours can show significant results. They agreed and are launching one of our digital characters on their site in a few weeks. I am confident our CodeBaby Conversation can get them the conversion targets they are shooting for. Stay tuned for how this turns out!

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