Your Competitive Advantage Is Your Customer Buying Experience

April 26, 2011

Andrew Hunt

Guest Post by Andrew Hunt

CEO, Inbound Sales Network

We have all been through a “customer buying experience” that was anything but pleasant. For some it was purchasing a car from a stereotypical “used car salesman” or an over-the-top pushy life insurance salesperson. For most of us it was not the features or the uniqueness of the product/service that lead to purchasing; it was the experience of going through the buying process.  It is a well known fact that companies who create a superior buying experience are able to truly differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

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That means how you engage your audience online will be the biggest differentiator your company will have against the competition.

How you optimize the customer buying experiences on your website and on social media sites to create an online connection socially, emotionally, and visually will ultimately lead to your success and differentiate you in your prospects’ minds.

A great example of this is Disney. Disney is not seen a low cost provider of family entertainment. In reality, parents are very quick to shell out cash for the experience that Disney provides because the experience they receive creates lifelong memories.  Disney gets it. They have built a culture that encourages its representatives to create “magical moments” for their customers.  This is one of the biggest reasons why Disney is one of  the most admired companies in America. Disney understands their biggest differentiator is the once in a lifetime experience their customers receive.

Disney is the master of conversion optimization.

Now, consider the experience your prospects receive when they look to buy the product or service you sell. Did you grab their attention by fully answering their questions as they go through their buying experience? Did you make an emotional connection with them? If you can’t answer these questions, think of your own online buying experiences and which stand out as being superior. Facilitating great online buying experiences for your customers may be the most sustainable competitive advantage that you can hope for.

When done correctly, creating an elite buying experience for your customer base will be difficult for your competitors to imitate. This will create a tremendous value for your brand. That’s because in order to be done correctly, you are sharing the true essence of your company’s culture combined with how you can assist customers through their personal buying experiences. That means that no two companies will have the exact same tactics. While their customers’ buying processes may be similar, it’s the company that maps that process and shares itself that will come out on top. Not the ones that copy their competitors strategy.

In reality, creating a positive buying experience will make your marketing much easier because you will be speaking from the heart and help solve their prospects’ problems. Taking these steps will lead to long lasting relationships with customers and make your company a very desirable place to work as both your customers and employees will create an emotional connection.

It starts and ends with your customers.  If you can create a process, culture, and a system for consistently delivering great buying experiences, your company will be unbeatable.

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