5 Keys to Success with Online Customers

July 17, 2014

Increasingly, website owners are seeking key dynamics for connecting with online customers.  For the next series of blogs, I’ll focus on 5 keys for success with online customers.  Each one emphasizes an element of making a human connection with site visitors.  The 5 keys are:Make an emotional connection with you audience.

1. Grab Attention

2. Engage Emotion

3. Entertain / Gamification

4. Design Experience Streams

5. Create Interactivity that leads to Action

Turns out, there is more depth and power to these five keys than you might expect.  For example, we all know we need to get the attention of someone on our website.  After all, there is so much competing for attention on the internet, it’s no wonder this is an area of focus.  But the theme of “attention” is far more subtle than you might expect.  Neuroscience, for instance, continues to research and explore what it is that triggers our attention.  Turns out, we can only give attention to four items at any one time, and we only give our undivided attention to one thing at a time.

Similarly, we know emotion is what actually drives decisions.  In fact, our brain essentially used emotion as a “short hand” mechanism to preload decisions.  And it’s emotion that triggers these motivations and pre-loaded decisions.  As a result, if you want to be successful in moving your online customers to decisions, you must understand and engage emotion. More on this to come.

The theme of Gamification is a emerging hot topic these days.  Simply put, gamification applies the key elements of a game, and it applies gaming techniques to engage us as humans on a website to drive customer objectives.  There is a lot of hype around the theme of gamification.  Clearly, just pasting a game to your website won’t necessarily make a difference.  But there is real power to games. I’ll seek to help separate the hype from the substance.  Along the same lines, you can create entertaining experiences that will drive more engagement with site visitors without applying all of the dynamics of a game.  So while gamification and entertainment are related, there are elements that differentiate them.  I’ll unpack and explain how to use entertainment and gamification in a future blog.

Last month, I introduced the notion of designing experience streams on your website.  In short, experience streams focus on human experience more than just clicks and how real humans string together actions.  What’s more, focusing on the design of experience streams gives a more holistic view than being preoccupied on individual clicks and metrics.

Finally, what’s the point of interactivity if it doesn’t lead to the action, to the conversions you’re seeking on your website.  What sets apart interactivity that leads to action versus interactivity that leads nowhere?  Obviously, more clicks are better than no clicks.  But clicks and interactivity that leads to results is the goal. In the future, we’ll unpack what makes the difference.

If you want to maximize success with your online customers, focus on the 5 keys: Attention; Emotion; Entertainment/Gamification; Experience Streams, and Interactivity that leads to Action.

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