Virtual Assistants Aren’t Just for Corporate Call Centers

July 17, 2014 Audrey Dalton

The Reno Police Department thinks the virtual officer will deflect calls and help officers from having to ascertain report accuracy and reduce online anxiety.At CodeBaby, we work closely with call center professionals, and we understand the demanding nature and unique challenges they face handling millions of calls on an annual basis.

Call center managers seek solutions that give a better experience across all channels by providing efficient and courteous service, as well as empowering associates to waive late fees and add complimentary services. But that can be expensive and in the long-term isn’t sustainable.So in order to keep delivering excellent service and managing costs, call centers have started pushing frequent transactions to web self-service — one of the lowest cost channels in the contact center environment. CodeBaby police department virtual assistants are similar to typical customer service virtual agents as they provide information and assistance with filling out forms. However, that’s where the similarities end.

CodeBaby, known for its customization capabilities, is able to transform typical customer service requests into non-emergency crime reporting assistance, community information, crime updates, prevention, and FAQs.In addition to providing more self-service options, a few innovative organizations have started “employing” virtual assistants. Virtual assistants are even more effective than traditional web self-service, because they engage, guide, and make recommendations. CodeBaby virtual assistants deliver on all counts, plus they emulate human emotions, show motion capture 3D movements, are rendered in stunning high definition quality, and give intelligent, natural language responses, with real human voices.

Let’s take a look at some of these capabilities.

The Reno Police Department thinks the virtual officer will deflect calls and help officers from having to ascertain report accuracy and reduce online anxiety.

In a USA Today interview, Benjamin Tuttle, an IS analyst with the police department says there have been fewer e-mails and calls from people with questions about the website.

Reno, NV Police Department


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