Codebaby Virtual Assistant Creates 20% Conversion Increase

July 25, 2012

Netherlands based creates custom sized boxes for a reasonable price. And you might think, why would one need an intelligent virtual assistant to order boxes? Seems simple enough, right? Not quite.

To start, when customers enter box dimensions, they sometimes need help making sure the box is a good fit and “not too tight or broad.” That’s where Sarina demonstrates how critical she is to the online ordering process. wanted to increase website orders and reduce errors.

Upon arrival, Sarina guides the visitor through the process by asking for some mandatory information. “To make your product fit well in a box, there are a few things to note. Enter the box size in millimeters. The sequence of measurement is the length first, then the width, and then the height…” If an issue arises, Sarina quickly offers a solution. “We create boxes in almost any size and quantity. Some formats cannot be calculated via the website. You can see what size and quantity you can calculate on the website and which ones you cannot.” For those very unique dimensions, Sarina directs them to a “Request a quote” landing page that directs the customer to complete a form that gives them a custom quote created by a specialist.

The in partnership with the Benelux Reseller of CodeBaby Interactive Virtual Assistants, WebSpeaking, conducted an A/B split test.

When Sarina was visible and greeted the customer, order conversions were 20% higher than when she was an opt-in choice and not prominently displayed at first point of contact.  This confirms much of CodeBaby’s research which reflects that for eCommerce, lead generation, and CTA website conversion circumstances, virtual assistants should be activated, prominent, and greet the site visitor. This differs from most opt-in models for traditional web self-service virtual assistants.

Apart from increasing order conversions, Sarina deflects phone calls since she’s able to handle large amounts of transactional questions such as inner and outer dimension differences. She’s also increased order accuracy producing greater efficiencies on the back end, which frees up to do what they do best – make highly unique customized boxes.

So what are the benefits to a CodeBaby Interactive Virtual Assistant like Sarina?
  • Increased order conversions
  • Reduced cart abandonment
  • Increased order security
  • Increased call deflection
  • An enhanced customer

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