Discover your Enrollment Options with an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

July 12, 2013

Medical information is rarely preemptive and searching for health insurance information can be stressful and frustrating.

So why not simplify the online benefits enrollment experience with an intelligent virtual assistant.

Customer engagement solutions, like an intelligent virtual assistant, save costs, encourage participation, and help employees easily discover the best insurance coverage for their needs. They act as a virtual concierge that encourage employees to review their benefits material and evaluate current options.

Online enrollment usage increases but employees need more information.

“Many rely on family and peer relationships” reported a Guardian study, “but most are not seeking professional assistance.” Employees spend significantly more time holiday shopping — or even filing their taxes — than reviewing their medical benefits (Benefits & Behavior 2011: Spotlight on Enrollment Trends). Virtual assistant self-service solutions educate clients about benefit options throughout the enrollment process on behalf of the benefits and HR teams.

The study reports employees are more likely to consult a significant other, co-worker or friend, rather than speak to an HR representative, o their boss, or even attend benefits meetings. As a result, a leading insurance provider, has responded to this consumer trend by adopting intelligent virtual assistants to increase enrollment participation.

The MetLife Benefits Advisor, “humanizes” the enrollment process by interacting with employees to make informed decisions. The intelligent avatar provides the emotional connection needed to make better benefit decisions. In turn, employees generate higher levels of workplace productivity and company loyalty. An annual MetLife study consistently illustrates a strong correlation between satisfaction with benefits and satisfaction with their company.

From Generation Y to Older Boomers — MetLife’s study acknowledges employees’ fears that the economy may force companies to cut or reduce benefits. By supporting employees’ financial goals, offering a selection of voluntary benefits, and the opportunity to customize a benefits program, increases employer loyalty and job satisfaction. However, with more choices come possible confusion, frustration, and adverse selection. Using intelligent virtual assistants and decision support tools can overcome these challenges by shortening the time it takes to make a selection, empower employees throughout the process, and make it a fun and engaging experience.

In sum, online enrollment platforms using virtual assistants improve plan and benefits education, boost voluntary benefits selection, and open enrollment participation.

Watch “Amy Helper”, assist this employee navigate through open enrollment.
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