CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants – Part of a Fast Growing Industry

July 17, 2014

According to online market research company “Researchmoz,” the market for Global Intelligent Virtual Assistants is set to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 39.2 percent during the time period of 2012-2016.

The explosion of data across all industries is largely believed to be the driving force behind this high rate of anticipated growth.

The movie Avatar brought about a whole new level of awareness to the world of virtualization. Suddenly, the concept of avatars and virtualization was brought beyond the Information Technology industry and into the mainstream through the wonderful world of movie magic. Now the world of Intelligent Virtual Assistants is growing at an impressive enough rate to draw everyone’s attention, as evidenced by the Researchmoz report.

CodeBaby is a company that is leading the way in the intelligent virtual assistant marketplace. Consider the following Codebaby Intelligent Virtual Assistant (CIVA) offerings as a few prime examples:

  • Benefits Advisor - Allows people to easily select, enroll, and manage their benefit plans from their desktop, mobile devices, or kiosks.
  • Health Advisor - Provides enhanced symptom checker with audio narration and ensures doctor/patient compatibility. This CIVA can also drive better patient adherence and health monitoring.
  • Service Advisor - Your CIVA service advisor can be the face of your organization, providing a user-friendly and effortless customer experience. This CIVA can walk customers through the gathering of account information, provide help desk functions, answer billing questions, and more.

These are just a few examples of avatars that are available to your organization. Customizable options for your avatar include: fully animated, lip-synced, 3D characters; a series of stylized, 2D static character images; multilingual capabilities; professional voice-overs; text including closed captioning; and more.

Codebaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants offer a dynamic and interactive online experience that can be fit for your organization today. Check out more of our options on our online solutions page!

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