Virtual Assistance with Online Benefits Enrollment

July 17, 2014 Dennis McGuire

Any Human Resources Manager can tell you, employees can become easily confused when it comes to choosing appropriate benefits for themselves and their families. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports in an Aflac survey taken last year, only 16 percent of employees felt confident they were not making mistakes during the enrollment process and nearly one in four (24 percent) felt they had previously chosen the wrong level of insurance coverage for their needs.

The results of this lack of confidence can be catastrophic, especially if employees and their families end up needing more extensive coverage levels. HR departments; however, tend to believe that they are doing a good job explaining the complex nature of benefits and normally do not have the time to walk each individual employee through the enrollment process in order to help them make better decisions.

This is one area where virtual benefits advisors can transform the online benefits enrollment process.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants employ speech and/or text interactions to connect with employees, answer their questions, and explain complex benefits concepts in everyday language. As employees make particular choices,  these virtual concierges can further explain the consequences of particular decisions in order to help employees determine whether these choices are indeed best for them. Take a look at the demo to see an example.

Engaging CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants will interact with your employees and help transform their confusion into confidence.


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