Part 3: e-Learning on a Boat with a Goat or a House with a Mouse

November 12, 2013 Marijah Adams Cleek

The clock is ticking down to the hour, and you find yourself rushing through the hall to get a seat. You enter the room just before the door is pulled shut, narrowly escaping that awkward moment when you have to knock and enter the classroom while everyone stares at you. After putting down the plethora of items you lug around all day, you take a seat. The spotlight falls on the professor: “Bueller? Bueller?” The lecture starts, but no matter how hard you try to keep focused, your mind wonders. Being just about anywhere would be better than being in this cold, white room blindingly lit with florescent lights. Congratulations, you just spent a lot of money to be physically present and mentally absent from lessons you really need to learn. There is a better way to learn this information.

Whether you find yourself learning for a degree or increasing your employment skills, e-Learning is the better option.

Currently, over 4.6 million college students have enrolled in at least one course online. And by 2019, that number is predicted to jump to half of all college courses1. Because e-Learning puts control in the hands of the learner, there is a 60% quicker learning curve than instructor-guided courses2. IBM found that e-Learning programs helped their employees learn five times extra course material without expanding training time while simultaneously saving the company an estimated $200 million3. And to add to the awesomeness that is e-Learning, it is also good for the environment. According to Open University’s study, e-Learning courses utilize 90% less energy and decrease CO2 emissions by 85% per student4. That’s pretty awesome. With all of these facts, why wouldn’t you go with CodeBaby Studio® to implement e-Learning for your organization?

Parts 1 and 2 of this blog series outlined the basic functions of CodeBaby Studio, character selection, and delivery options. Now let’s look at character settings, props, and effects options.

From Your Office to the Reception Desk to Angkor Wat

CodeBaby studio is chocked full of impressive features, but debatably one of the coolest is the ability to incorporate any background. E-Learning modules can take place in your company office, at a hospital reception desk, or even in front of an ancient Cambodian temple. Or they can be a combination multiple scenes if your heart so desires. And while the scenes look incredibly complex, they’re really quite simple to create. You provide a 2D picture of the background, an illustration or photo, and we’ll provide a fully animated 3D avatar; and voilà, the miracle of an immersive e-Learning module can come to life.

For this service training simulation, Taco Bell combined architectural renders and store photos to make a background that simulates the Taco Bell environment.

To create this simulation of a Best Buy home theatre room, wSLASH constructed a background using Flash that simulated a general home theatre room setting.

Dost Thou Eyes Deceive?

No, they don’t. That really was a full living room set in the Best Buy home theatre room. Props are an excellent way to really tie the whole e-Learning module together, making it more realistic for learners. And characters can do much more than just stand and talk. They’re capable of sitting, walking, turning on the TV, and/or picking up a telephone or remote. If you want to kick it up a notch, there are several options for adding effects.  Cue mood lighting, have a character turn down the volume on the TV, or switch the view angle to see dialog between two face-to-face characters, and you’re sure to captivate anyone in the room.

This humorous video uses several props and effects to make the scenario exceptionally realistic, including phone dialing and ringing sound effects, a living room scene, and a hospital reception setting.

This video shows how props can be used to create an office environment from a side-angle, complete with a phone-click sound effect, desk and chairs, and degrees and pictures on the walls.

To recap all of the great features of CodeBaby Studio for e-Learning module creation, check out Part 1: Captivate, Titillate, and Resonate and Part 2: Present a Crowd Pleasing e-Learning Cast Anywhere You Go. For more examples, you can take a look at CodeBaby’s guide 4 eLearning Design Strategies When Using Animated Digital Characters. And if you want even more information, email to have all your questions answered. “The E-Learning Revolution.”

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