Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads: Science Fiction in Reality

November 20, 2013 Marijah Adams Cleek

For generations, humans have used science fiction to speculate what artificial intelligence would be like.


In fact, the human race as a whole is completely enthralled with this concept. Countless numbers of movies encapsulate writer and director philosophies of artificial and virtual intelligence. Will we welcome a cute little robot boy who just wants to be loved like in the movie AI? Or will we find ourselves running after a giant robot dawning the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger in a hail of bullets and glory because we need to go with him if we want to live? Well, fellow children of futuristic-sci-fi promises, the day is finally upon us. But instead of physical avatars that navigate our daily lives and the future of our species, science fiction has come in the form of a small, adorable avatar docked in the corner of a computer screen, helping individuals voyage through the treacherous world of the Interwebs and the vast galaxy of the websites. These magnificent creatures are called Intelligent Virtual Assistants and have been brought to you by CodeBaby.

“It’s Alive!1

CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistants (CIVAs) are pretty spectacular because they’re able to reach just about any audience. Because of their engineering and engagement capabilities, CIVAs can sell your company’s products, explain changes in healthcare plans, or teach classrooms full of learners. Their possibilities are endless, and their capabilities are always changing to improve the customer experience. They can tell a great joke or explain complex ideas in simplistic forms, if that’s what you need. You hold the power to personalize them from the way they look to the personality they project. The genius behind the lip-sync technology allows the CIVAs to speak any language imaginable, including the tribal tongue of the Ewoks.

“Arthur Blinked at the Screens and Felt He Was Missing Something Important2

CIVAs are a perfect solution for any company using an online presence, which is just about every company in the previously fanaticized digital age we find ourselves in now. They offer customers and learners a way to spice up the boring or immensely confusing stuff by supplying virtually endless conversation paths via speech or text. Above all else, CIVAs offer companies a way to individualize every interaction, boosting customer satisfaction and securing relationships from now until the end of days.

Let us help you harness the power of tomorrow’s technology in today’s setting, and ensure you’re one step up from the competition. Email us today at info@codebaby.com to find out how intelligent virtual assistants can help your online environments live long and prosper.

1 Shelley, Mary. Frankenstein. 1818.
2 Adams, Douglas. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 1979.

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