IHC Awarded CodeBaby with a 2013 Innovator Award!

December 9, 2013 Marijah Adams Cleek

IHC Superstar Award Winner!

It’s always a great feeling to be recognized for performing outstanding work. It’s more than just a pat on the back or a token of some sort; it’s a sense of satisfaction unparalleled to anything else.

Recently, The Institute for Healthcare Consumerism (IHC) released a list of Superstar Award winners. It’s the coolest of the cool, the best of the best, and we were lucky enough to make the cut aside several other remarkable companies. We’re proud to be a part of the most diverse assembly of winners ever highlighted.

Making the Cut

Thank you IHCC for the recognition!In order to narrow down the winners of the Industry Innovator Awards, IHC looks for solution providers diligently plugging away at solving the most demanding health and benefits issues. Nominations were made in such a large volume that IHC chose to expand the category to 25 winners, making it all the more awesome to get to be a part of it all!

The winner fields include: account-based plans, benefits administration, consumer driven healthcare, defined contribution, eHealth, pharmacy benefits management, private health insurance exchanges, telehealth, and more.

A Couple of  Winners from the List

While we absolutely adore and admire every company that received an Innovator Award this year (because we know how hard everyone worked for it), we’d like to review two notables, as well as our own from this year’s list.

South Carolina-based Benefitfocus came in as a top five winner for the Innovator Award this year. 

What an amazing accomplishment! “A leading voice in health care consumerism,” Benefitfocus is a leader in providing cloud-based benefits software solutions. 

They’re kind of like the Johnny Appleseed of modern, user-friendly healthcare and benefits technology. Benefitfocus won their Innovator Award because they’re consistently on the forefront of creating engaging, consumer-centric employee benefits technology. For example, their private exchange BENEFITFOCUS INTOUCH MARKETPLACE® Edition offers employers a scalable solution featuring the latest in consumer-centric functionality that provides a seamless and fulfilling benefits shopping experience. Due to the company’s commitment to the design and engineering of innovative software that makes life easier for insurance carriers and employers, we’re excited to be partnered with Benefitfocus as they continue to blaze the trail in healthcare consumerism.

In North Dakota, Evolution1  is shaking the realm of healthcare by offering a revolutionary idea in a time of abundant options: make things simple. This company thrives on the idea that simplifying complex information and systems makes users and consumers happy. They took home an Innovator Award for several unique solutions, including 1Plan, their complete defined contribution platform. It “supercharges both private and public insurance exchanges” for employers and employees to budget, shop for insurance, select benefits, and manage premiums, among many other features, in one easy-to-use, comprehensive experience.

They Like Us; They Really Like Us!

Receiving an IHC Innovator Award has all of us pretty giddy around the office. Everyday, the CodeBaby team strives to help consumers be fully engaged in their online experience. All of the ACA changes can be very confusing, especially to those that are purchasing insurance for the first time. Our mission is to continually provide the enterprise marketplace the most innovative and cost efficient online customer engagement strategies, solutions, and tools available. We want everyone to understand what services they’re receiving so they can be completely happy with their provider.

Thank you, IHC and everyone involved in helping CodeBaby receive an Innovator Award. We’re lucky to have you guys on our side as we continue looking for new ways to revolutionize the healthcare industry.

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