Increased Patient Engagement and Experience Improves Overall Quality of Care

January 13, 2014 Marijah Adams Cleek

For years, companies have been accustomed to creating incentives to entice consumers. It’s a long running tradition that is now making its way into the healthcare industry. Newly insured Americans have the option to select where they receive their care for the first time. With this number on the rise, healthcare organizations are now finding themselves competing for business.

The heat is on for providers to improve the patient experience, enhance patient engagement, and improve overall quality of care. The Affordable Care Act also encourages providers to use specific standards of care coordination, healthcare IT, and payment model changes to reduce higher healthcare costs and improve clinical outcomes for patients. By decreasing readmission rates and preventable hospitalizations, the ever-rising healthcare costs will be minimized and align with similar systems across the world.

Using VHAs Across the Care Continuum

Enhancing on-demand healthcare channels, improving wellness and chronic disease management, and optimizing pre-procedure and post-discharge communication is paramount for providers. Download our 3 Ways to Improve the Patient Experience Using Virtual Health Assistants Across the Care Continuum guide to learn more about how to engage patients to become long-lasting customers.


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