Is Your Benefits Enrollment Site Saying the Right Thing?

July 17, 2014 Marijah Adams Cleek

First impressions are very important. What’s said, how it’s presented, and communication play key roles in benefits enrollment conversions. How are you communicating with website visitors?

Three website factors are fundamental to successful communication. Unfortunately, each comes with unique challenges:

Website Content

In the last blog, I discussed the importance of attention-grabbing visuals, but those are useless if they aren’t partnered with valuable content. Content is the engine of the website that helps customers make informed decisions, ultimately playing a big hand in that customer’s decision to become a repeat customer.

The content challenge

Plenty of information rich content is wonderful; how to display it, so it’s not overwhelming is the challenge. Benefits enrollment sites contain a wealth of knowledge. If sites only offered information about the plans enrollees can select, it would still be a lot.

Website Images and Visuals

Graphics simplify hard to digest information or add life to black and white text. Icons draw attention to important content and increase readability. Color schemes evoke emotional reactions in visitors, and what’s acceptable also changes depending on the culture.

The images and visuals challenge

Graphics, icons, and color schemes aren’t present to subdue communication. They exist to enhance engagement by reiterating the points being made in text or conversation. It’s important (and frequently difficult) to pair the right image with the appropriate content in a way that elicits the desired emotional reaction.

Green Chameleon took home an honorable mention from Awwwards for their illustrations and graphic design. 

Audio and Video

The realm of audio and video encompasses so much. Videos can be six second vines or forty-five minute webinars; audio can be confined to just background noise or given a name and a virtual face. And then there’s everything in between.

The audio and video challenge

Personalization is incredibly important to customers, but it’s virtually impossible to achieve. Audio and video adds a personalized touch if done properly, but they can also alienate visitors depending on the style and content.

Forty received an honorable mention from Awwwards for their responsive design website complete with audio and video.

What Exactly Should Be Communicated?

Not only is it important to determine the website areas that best allow communication, it’s also important to target your message. A website visitor can’t go longer than just a few seconds without getting bored or moving on. Once the three factors of a website that are fundamental to successful communication are addressed, there are two specific areas they need be applied:

Company Purpose

Your target audience should be apparent from step one. Website visitors should be able to easily learn about your company; your services and products; and if you align with their needs and wants.

The communication challenge

Customers need all of the above information in an easy to digest format. Too much at once is well, just too much! Give visitors clarity. Determine what’s necessary and leave the rest to history.

Apple's page for 30 years of Mac was given a content score of 8.53 out of 10 by Awwwards.

Give Them Direction

Not every visitor to the benefits enrollment site looks for the same thing. Ideally, all traffic goes straight to enrollment, but some people want to look around, check out your company culture, and your connections. Your website should provide all of these answers in a rich and engaging way.

The navigation challenge

Information needs to be digestible and findable. Customers who can’t find what they’re looking for may lose trust, leading them to look elsewhere.

Sydney Stockholm was given a special mention from the Awwwards for their website design.

How Can a Benefits Enrollment Website Check All of The Boxes?

Determining what content, visuals, audio, and videos are needed is not exclusive to any one company. Suitable solutions for benefits enrollment sites are quintessential to increase conversions, let alone company survival in a culture so heavily reliant on technology for answers and product purchases.

Here are three ways to enhance the customer experience and conquer all the challenges listed above:

Prioritize Your Website Content

Prioritize for simplicity and precision. Clear up the content conundrum by using titles, headers, subheaders, and footers. Clearly labeled content helps visitors go from point A (a little bit of company background) to point B (fully informed make appropriate decisions).

Make the company’s purpose clear as day and help individuals flawlessly navigate.

Hello Monday was given an overall score of 8.32 for design, creativity, usability, and content.

Clearly Communicate Your Message

Determine what visitors need to know and then accurately communicate. Keep information relevant by using consistent wording and placement. Shoppers who understand the purpose of the website are more likely to purchase.

Readers interpret tone correctly only 50% of the time, but 90% of them believe they got it right. So be precise or use a virtual agent that uses the right tone, inflection, and human-like gestures.

Make it simple. Remember, not everyone fully understands health plans, and it’s not their job to.  In fact, the majority of people consider it one of the most complicated decisions they face.  So give them the right information and make it easy to understand – it will benefit both them and you.

User Experience Design

The website homepage speaks volumes to visitors. Design and layout should make your company messaging inviting, unforgettable, and impossible to miss. It should enhance branding and reduce bounce rates by intriguing potential enrollees with a welcoming environment.

Use the structure of the website to shape communication, and vice versa. These two elements go together. One can’t be successful without the other.

Level Life is an award-winning website for clean design.

One More Thing Before I Go…

What’s the best benefits enrollment website you’ve seen? Did it encompass good content, visuals, audio and video, quality company information, and clear direction? Did it have anything more that enriched the experience?

What can your benefits enrollment site improve on to help gain and keep customers?

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