4 Ways Service Advisors Make Your Website More Awesome

July 17, 2014 Marijah Adams Cleek

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: customer engagement is number one when it comes to growing a company and improving brand awareness. There are many ways to create customer satisfaction, but why do all of that legwork when a virtual service advisor can do it for you?

Virtual service advisors love helping customers. They treat them like they’ve been best friends for years because virtual service advisors never have a bad day.

Here are four reasons why a service advisor will be an epic win for your business.

1.    Customers like service advisors

Happy customers are the best customers. They will follow your brand to the ends of the Earth if they feel they’re being treated well. But unhappy customers now have avenues to crush a business with their online reviews.

Adding a service advisor can increase customer satisfaction by directing them to the information they need and helping complete online forms with confusing or vague questions. With companies seeing engagement increase by as much as 76%, it’s clear that when a customer is fully informed of their options, they’re more likely to adopt a self-service attitude, improving their experience overall.

And they can connect customers to a sales associate with ease if the problem goes beyond their capabilities, extinguishing potential customer dissatisfaction promptly.

2.    Service advisors make website experiences even better

Service advisors also ease the workload of your call center employees by up to 33%. They help customers increase web self-service by answering questions that help them get from point A to point B without having to call in. This helps customer service reps spend more time on customers that have large or more complex issues.

And companies can choose between having an avatar do all the talking, putting up text boxes with highlights around important information, or using voice only according to what their customers find most helpful.

3.    Service advisors help maintain costs

I’ve worked in a lot of restaurants in my time. At each one, regardless of cuisine or target customer base, upselling and cross-selling were always heavily emphasized. That’s because it brings in a lot of extra money. But when I was slammed, upselling and cross-selling always became one of my lowest priorities. I just didn’t have the time, desire, or recollection to worry about trying to increase the number of things on my plate, like adding an appetizer to that order or suggesting an equally delicious beverage to the one the customer wanted, but we didn’t carry.

Service advisors can be pre-programmed to never forget these tasks. So they’ll help increase your revenue by thoroughly following through with each customer or connecting them to the appropriate customer service agent who can (but only after several options have been exhausted).

4.    Service advisor collect much needed metrics

Those customers you have are pretty smart cookies. They’re filled with so much important information they aren’t even aware of. While customers are perusing your web-based platform, service advisors gather that intelligence and put it together in a handy click-through metrics analysis for you to review.

When a company identifies customer service issues, service advisors help address those issues by detecting their pain points and responding through conversation. Using various support approaches and collected metrics, service advisors are able to address user needs dynamically based on their online behavior.

As I said earlier, and I’ll say it again: customer engagement is number one when it comes to growing a company and improving brand awareness. Want to see what other companies are doing? Watch some more service advisor videos here.

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