Insights On How Augmented Reality Apps Can Revolutionize The Way We Live

July 17, 2014 Audrey Dalton

Enjoy this guest post by Degree Jungle blogger. Augmented Reality (AR) isn’t a new technology but has undergone rapid and explosive growth due to the advent of smartphones, tablets, and smart goggles as well as improvements in 3D animation. It’s now being deployed in a wide range of industries from tourism to architecture to education. CodeBaby is exploring the use of this technology to create a lifelike version and experiential application of its 3D interactive avatars in our marketing efforts. We first tested this application on our “Kate” avatar, which you can see in the video near the end of the post. In the meantime, enjoy this article to fully explore all the current uses of AR in our world today. 

Written by Guest Blogger, Monkey Mike, from Degree Jungle with multimedia provided by Audrey Dalton from CodeBaby.

Insights On How

Augmented Reality Visual TourAugmented Reality Apps 

Can Revolutionize The Way We Live

Prepare yourselves folks! An ambitious technology known as Augmented Reality (AR) is about to detonate in practically every household. AR transforms people into genies, but instead of saying “Abracadabra,” people make their magic happen with computers and portable gadgets. Picture the current physical world but only a lot better, simply by taking life’s everyday difficulties and mixing in effective or amusing photos, video, and graphics to help folks figure things out. 

Just what the heck is augmented reality? In no way to be confused with “Virtual Reality,” science fiction enthusiasts have most likely discovered signs of AR when enjoying their beloved films. 

Minority Report and Ironman exhibit scenes where graphics relocate onto transparent monitors through hand gestures and where commercials become personalized as potential customers stroll by. In short, AR is a method of enhancing physical reality by enriching information through circumstance and subject matter.

Exactly, where can people find AR uses today?

Enterprisers recognize that AR has the capacity to influence all aspects of people’s lives–from education and learning to social networking to mass-production– and almost all business seem positioned for widespread adoption. Web-based technical school alumnae from Degree Jungle have chosen to share their thoughts on the AR topic. Have a look at their examples, and discover how, even today, AR is expanding the realms we live in.

Augmented Reality Geo TravelTravel and Leisure: What if you could show up at a historic destination move your smartphone’s camera over the landmark and realistically experience exactly what occurred at that same site over a hundred years ago? Well, is ahead of the game, presently offering folks AR mobile tours of distinguished American Civil War battlefields.


Augmented Reality FurniturePublishing: Suppose you could install digital furnishings in your own home to check out exactly how it agrees with your other stuff prior to purchasing it online or visiting the store? IKEA is already on this, employing AR to complement its existing catalog. AR publishing yields limitless instructional usefulness for schoolbooks, service manuals, and do-it-yourself books, similarly to what IKEA´s catalog does for its customers.

F-35 Helmet Mounted Display SystemArmed Forces:  Envision training solders using fictitious scenarios superimposed on real-world geographies. That’s a stone’s throw away from what the US Army currently undertakes whenever their trainees interact exclusively with simulated data overlaid on physical landscapes.


Augmented Reality Over Monet PaintingsFine Arts: What if Leonardo da Vinci could have made his Mona Lisa classic come to life? There are a handful of AR pioneer artistsout there who have been working with this groundbreaking technology to enhance their originality.


Retail Augmented Reality for Adidas

Retail: We cannot forget about AR shopping, promotion and marketing now can we? Visualize state-of-the-art buying experiences where items virtually explode right at you. AR is a single technology that allows marketing experts to instantly position products or services. Shoppers can use AR to obtain directions to popular stores or to find neighboring restaurants in a new city based on food critiques. For example, Wikitude is a virtual browser that turns your phone into an interactive experience when using the smartphone’s camera and pointing it to any given landmark. It will serve up content from over 3,500 providers that give you everything from historical information and accommodations to restaurant recommendations and more.                                 

Retail Augmented Reality for AdidasDisplay and Event Marketing: This ties into retail marketing but limits the AR experience to a highly focused event for not just consumers but business prospects and clients as well. Imagine bringing your product or service to life with an encoded booth and/or encoded markers to create a fully interactive attendee experience. Or when giving a product demo, it turns into a 3D presentation that your prospects will never forget.

One of the most prominent and talented Augmented Reality app developers on the market is Red Frog Digital. They have created apps for digital furnishings, movie trailers, and even the newly released Guinness Book of World Records

CodeBaby was so impressed with the quality of their animation and development, they worked with Red Frog Digital to create a prototype app using CodeBaby’s fully animated 3D character Kate combined with the augmented reality engine. The team at Red Frog was able to rapidly put avatar Kate in 3D space for their attendance at HIMSS14. CodeBaby hopes to further optimize the augmented reality experience, with Red Frog’s help, by adding more animations, speech, and a large display experience in the future.

Other AR Retail Applications in Media and Markets

  • General Motors is tackling an Enhanced Vision System (EVS) windshield that might be the future of augmented reality exhibition. The EVS windscreen uses GPS, night-vision sensing units, infrared indicators, scanning systems and digital cameras to collect information about existing surroundings.
  • Google Goggles engage AR for practically everything, from receiving instructions to comparing prices to capturing images.
  • Disney works with AR to market its cartoon personalities by enabling folks to socialize and pose for photos with them.
  • Sexy Lynx is currently applying AR advertisements in train stations to promote their product lines.
  • Lego has booths in its outlets that allow kids a 3D perspective of how buildable scenes would look after they’re assembled.
  • Volkswagen made the most of AR advertisements to promote the new VW Beetle in an AR app showing the Beetle jumping off ramps extended from downtown buildings.

So what do you think about this? Give us your thoughts. What would like to see in Augmented Reality?

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