Patients and Consumers Taking Control with CodeBaby Insyte

July 17, 2014 Marijah Adams Cleek
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Healthcare Consumerism has Arrived

Healthcare consumerism means many things, whether coming from provider, payer or the insured themselves. What’s exceedingly clear is that the industry is coming together and AHIP members are leading the way.

Patients and consumers must advocate for themselves to make decisions regarding their plans and their healthcare treatment options. This is not a trend anymore; this is what consumers are already demanding. The good news is that everyone benefits, from consumers and their health picture to providers and their bottom line.

Research from Forrester confirms that consumers want more control and visibility into their healthcare choices. The ACA and healthcare exchanges are powerful tools meant to permit an open and accessible menu or customizable healthcare plan selection process.

However, if you are the patient or consumer, how do you track your own choices? What’s the best way to remember to add a dependent (or perhaps remove when they turn 26?). Do you have mental health coverage or prescription benefits fully covered? What’s the deductible? Are you hitting the marks regarding preventative care? Are you taking advantage of the features your particular plan offers, or are you overlooking something that could adversely affect your health?

Insyte Dashboard Home

An innovative large provider in the northeast wanted to give their members an easy way to manage their healthcare information in a single view.  One of their strategies includes a member dashboard called “Insyte,” designed by consumer engagement company CodeBaby ( The Insyte dashboard will streamline the self-selection process for consumers to dive deeper into insurance plans.   Similar to how providers are evolving access to Electronic Medical Records (EMR) meant to improve continuity of care, Insyte is a solution that Insyte Dashboard My Wellness Summaryinsurance plans can use to help patients and their insured groups with choice and selection.

Dashboards of consumer and patient choice provide consumers with a holistic, interactive picture of all of their healthcare information. These personal profiles offer them the ability to pull data from multiple data sources into a single unified, interactive and easy-to-use consumer experience.

This means consumers: Insyte Dashboard Geolocation Provider Searchwill have better access to preventative care which can lower costs will have stronger loyalty to the brand due to comprehensive information and ease of use.



Providers can:

  • differentiate their patient engagement in a highly confusing, highly competitive, constantly changing market.
  • lower healthcare costs by reducing the inherent silos of information that typically exist in the patient management process, eliminating the need for  patients to piece together their healthcare picture.

Driven by health care consumerism, self-selection and improved self-service on enrollment sites will become the norm in the near future.

The bottom line benefits include:

  • reduced call center costs with enhanced self-help tools including intelligent virtual assistants, natural language search across multiple knowledge bases, context-sensitive educational videos, animated screen highlighting, and click-to-chat, call or email.
  • enhanced outcomes by centralizing relevant information from multiple systems and knowledge bases with minimal IT involvement.

Prior to this offering, consumers were virtually “starting over” each time they attempted to manage healthcare issues, making the experience unpleasant or avoiding it altogether.

Customers want to be in control of their insurance coverage and their healthcare options. Dashboards like Insyte will let them.

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