New Virtual Officer Joins the Norfolk Virginia Police Department!

October 7, 2015 Katherine Wells

Norfolk logoLast week, the Norfolk Virginia Police Department announced the addition of a CodeBaby Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to their site.  

Why Virtual Officers Matter

The new CodeBaby virtual officer will guide Norfolk citizens through important details when completing incident reports. She will also provide suggestions to those people completing forms in order to ensure accuracy and minimize the chances for a rejected report or follow up call.

“The benefits of adding a virtual officer to our site are significant to both the community and our department,” said David Rabidoux, Systems Administrator, Technical Support Unit, Norfolk Police Department. “By improving the overall level of online customer service without adding to the pressure and work load of existing officers and support staff, we are boosting citizen engagement which leads to better community relations for everyone.”

Additionally, the Norfolk community and the department will benefit by increased convenience for residents who are filing non-emergency reports, improved accuracy in these reports, and enhanced overall level of online customer service.

CodeBaby's law enforcement clients have seen a reduction in call center costs by up to 30 percent and we expect that the Norfolk Police Department will see similar results.

It's All About Online Self-Service

We talk a lot on this blog about our work with health insurance exchanges and the need for improved online customer self-service, but there are many different industries that benefit from a virtual assistant. Law enforcement is an example of just one of these.  

The fundamental problem faced by customers interacting with online websites is the same regardless of industry: the inability to find the most relevant answer to their questions. IVAs can be a representative of your brand, guiding people to the right content, or giving an online, just-in-time voice to your customer service organization.

Same Problem, Different Industries

In addition to healthcare and law enforcement we also see this with eCommerce and retail sites. We have seen increased check-out completions for our eCommerce and online retail customers. And, across industries we’ve seen online visitors engage the Intelligent Virtual Assistant between three to six times to complete more complex processes.

It should be an easy decision for companies to deploy an IVA at every step of the online customer journey. Virtual assistants are proven to provide a VIP experience to each user while delivering critical cost savings, better user engagement, and increased customer satisfaction. It is a critical component for any website that is working to convey complex, and at times, intimidating information to consumers.

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