Pop Quiz! What's Your Healthcare Lingo Score?

July 3, 2015 Katherine Wells

There's a lot of buzz lately on the terminology used in healthcare. It's a little bit like learning another language. Maybe there should be a Duolingo for the language of U.S. healthcare? Just an idea.

We thought we'd take a few of the more recognizable questions from a 2013 Carnegie Mellon University study and test our own knowledge. (I wouldn't ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do myself. I'll tell you my score after you take the quiz.)


Spoiler Alert - Teacher's Answers

Here are the answers: Q87, 1; Q90, 3; Q5, 1; Q3, 3

So? How did you do? Okay, I'll share my score. Fifty percent. Yes, I am in the industry and I write about, talk about, even present this information regularly and I scored a whole fifty percent. In case you don't remember your school years, that is a big, fat F. Please don't judge me. Sister Mary Elizabeth would be shaking her head right now if she found out. Shhhhh.....

The question is, what do we do about this? I say this with humility... I am actually fairly smart, and I don't like getting an F.

We all know the call for change in healthcare is echoing across the country. We talk about the empowered consumer, but how very un-empowering to be stumped by terminology. Some cynics say it is the way insurance companies keep us from truly understanding our own healthcare insurance. My sense is that there may have been a small grain of truth to that pre-ACA, but I can tell you today that the carriers I've talked with are desperately looking for ways to truly educate and empower their consumers. 

Shameless Plug

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Katherine has 25 years in high-tech marketing, product management and corporate communications. She is a gadget-girl, which is one of the reasons she is passionate about connecting people with innovative solutions and technology that solve real problems. Her objective at CodeBaby is to help businesses increase conversions and build lasting loyalty by putting their customer/consumer in control of their user experience. Connect with Katherine on LinkedIn and Twitter!

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